Sketch Auto Translate

Plugin to translate Sketch files into via Google Translate.

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0
Sketch Auto Translate Plugin

Sketch Auto Translate Plugin

Plugin for Sketch to translate Text Layers and Symbol Overrides via Google Translate. Read more about its origin on

Translate Selection

Translates your selection on the current page no matter which type, apart from Symbols.

Shortcut: X Translate Selection

Screen Recording 'Translate Selection'

Translate Current Page

Translates all Text Layers and Symbol Overrides on Artboards in your current Page but skips them out if placed outside.

Shortcut: P Translate Current Page

Screen Recording 'Translate Current Page'

Translate Entire Document

Translates all Text Layers and Symbol Overrides in the file that are on Artboards but skips them if placed inside a Symbol or outside an Artboard. I made this decision to avoid messing with the file structure.

Shortcut: D Translate Entire Document

Screen Recording 'Translate Entire Document'

Set Google API Key...

To create a Google Translate API Key you need a paid account. Luckily, Google offers a One Year Free Trial where it gives you away $300 in credits.

This means, as long as you don't exceed that amount (within one year) you won't have to pay anything. Check out their pricing to find out how many Language Detections and Translations this is.

1. Create a new Project

To create your application’s API key please go to the Cloud Platform Console and create a new project and give it a name you prefer.

2. Enable Google Cloud Translation API

With the new project selected, go to API & Services > Credentials. At the Credentials page search for the Google Cloud Translation API and enable it.

3. Create API Key

Go to API & Services > Credentials again and click the button Create credentials inside the credentials card.

4. Use API Key

Copy your API Key, go back to Sketch and select Plugins > Translate > Set Google API Key... in the menu. After that you get prompted to paste your key.

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