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Merge duplicate symbols

Merge symbols with the same name, replacing all instances and keeping overrides.

Works with Sketch 50.0.0 and above
v4.0.112y ago6721 downloads

Map Generator

Sketch plugin to fill a layer with a map generated from a given location using Google Maps and Mapbox

Works with Sketch 4.0.0 and above
v3.1.03y ago9904 downloads


Colormate is a kickass sketch plugin that will help you figure out how in the hell you ended up with 457 different greys, instead of the 1 grey Mandy gave you in the handover

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v1.4.273mos ago807 downloads


Vector icons from popular fonts and SVG sets: Font Awesome, Material Design Icons, EmojiOne and many more...

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v1.1.25mos ago1283 downloads

Cleanup Useless Groups

A plugin that cleans up your layer list by removing empty groups and flattening deeply nested groups.

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.1.02y ago3402 downloads


DynamicButton for Sketch 3.5 and after.

Works with Sketch 45.1.0 and above
v1.1.33y ago8098 downloads


Ensure your design is accessible and high contrast for every type of color blindness.

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v2.6.06mos ago1042 downloads


Automated padding, spacing and alignment for your Sketch layers

Works with Sketch 47.0.0 and above
v1.0.7a year ago6210 downloads

Symbol Merger

A Sketch plugin that merges duplicate symbols

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v0.2.0a month ago201 downloads

Nudge Resize

Quickly resize a layer vertically and horizontally with keyboard shortcuts

Works with Sketch 39.0.0 and above
v1.1.02y ago191 downloads